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cats fractals trippy
trippy 598 op still around
abstract liquid trippy
buump with trippy shit
clouds landscapes nature trippy skyscapes gorgeous sky cloudy
pikachu thundershock by synfire aural cerebral stimulation trippy
bitches brew lets get some trippy album art
abstract fractals tunnels trippy lsd acid
outer space cats rainbows trippy matei apostolescu
trippy hippie spiral by thelma1 rainbow spirals fractals
trippy world by crackoala lookings for thread
trippy opium swirls
trypnotoad trippy need related high resolution
trippy here high resolution
abstract trippy best widescreen background awesome
glowing rave trippy glow
help just formated my computer and need trippy
copy am in desperate need of trippy as
trippy headphones girl
trippy russians colors russian
matrix9 yummy trippy go
nature forest trippy
alt art trippy
psychedelic rainbows trippy

Literature, not scripture, sustains the mind and—since there is no other metaphor—also the soul.

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