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12 Best Low Light Plants

low light plants

The Sill

Not all houseplants are made equal, which would make your task as a plant dad or mum a little complex. All vegetation call for a various stage of care, specially when it arrives to the quantity of sunlight and water they obtain. You could also be under the effect that vegetation need tons of pure sunlight and water to endure, but that is not exactly the scenario. There are a lot of very low-light vegetation that can endure in the darkest, shadiest spots of your house, workplace house, or any where else in need of greenery. Whilst some of the indoor and outside houseplants on this checklist are forgiving and tolerant in all conditions, most of these types really develop more quickly and more powerful when they have significantly less light to get the job done with.

But let’s be apparent: very low light doesn’t signify no light. “In get to develop, very low-light vegetation however call for some indirect light, normally from a north-dealing with window and absent from the windowsill,” Alfred Palomares, vice president of merchandising at one-800-Flowers, tells us. Whilst very low-light vegetation can differ in their neglect search, leaf shape, and shade, a lot of of them have 1 common attribute: “broader, thinner leaves that allow for them to adapt to this weather more than time.” However, some plant types call for additional TLC than some others, so brush up on the specifics of each environmentally friendly attractiveness to obtain the appropriate healthy for your house (and environmentally friendly thumb).

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Snake Plant


$forty nine.ninety nine

Identified by some as the Sansevieria, this stiff, upright plant grows greatest in dry soil and only requirements some sun to endure. An added reward: ” It can improve the air-high quality in the house it life in, much like the ZZ Plant,” Palomares claims.

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Spider Plant



No residence plant checklist is complete without the need of mentioning the trusty, tolerant spider plant. “It’s a graceful plant that would make a assertion any where — from a tabletop to a mantel, or with its charming arching leaves as a hanging plant,” Bloomscape Plant Mother Joyce Mast tells us. 

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Chinese Evergreen

Costa Farms

$28.ninety nine

Even though this common houseplant doesn’t need a ton of sunlight to endure, it will never do well in dry, incredibly hot conditions. It’s really a tropical plant, which usually means that it prefers heat, humid weather — ideally someplace involving 70 – 72ºF.


Calathea Rattlesnake

The Sill


This tabletop-friendly plant, which has a two-tone pattern that resembles reptile skin, doesn’t like the feeling of sun on its leaves, generating it ideal for very low-light environments. But there is certainly no need to worry: Even though it truly is named following a venomous snake, these shiny greens are entirely pet-friendly. 


Golden Pothos



This tiny-but-mighty plant also goes by the name Devil’s Ivy simply because, well, it truly is immune to loss of life. That usually means, it’ll endure under harsh fluorescent workplace lights, no light at all, or even a number of weeks without the need of water — take our editor’s term for it. 


Monstera Deliciosa Floor Plant


$119.ninety nine

It’s well known on Instagram for a purpose: This floor plant can endure very low light and semi-drought conditions. Alongside with purifying the air, the coronary heart-shaped leaves convey a comforting tranquil to any house. 


Peperomia Obtusfolia

The Sill


When taken care of just appropriate (very low, indirect light and weekly waterings), this Rubber Plant will develop small white bouquets. But if you take place to have a sunny spot or windowsill close by, it will never damage to adhere it shut to the sun considering that it also thrives in medium light. 


Bird’s Nest Fern



Fern vegetation are the be-all and conclusion-all of houseplants. They’ve been about for hundreds of thousands of many years, flourishing in all types of light and water conditions. Bird’s Nest Fern, in specific, thrives in very low-light regions. Pay consideration to its leaves to see if it truly is having as well much light: The additional crinkled the leaves, the significantly less light it requirements.


ZZ Plant


$109.ninety nine

“This houseplant is wonderful for plant mother and father whose residences have small light and small time to care for their vegetation,” Palomares claims. Sounds like you? Then try this shiny environmentally friendly, obtainable in desk or floor plant sizes, in your house for added fashion and air purification. 


Nerve Plant


$12.ninety nine

Also called Fittonia, this tiny-leaf wide variety obviously grows as floor protect in native South The united states. To truly prosper, it requirements tons of water and shade, generating it ideal for windowsill planters, tiny containers, and terrariums. But the significantly less light they obtain, the significantly less vibrant the leaves will be.


Philodendron Brasil



If you might be a initial-time plant dad or mum, think about the Philodendron Brasil: This trailing plant is “unbelievably forgiving and will tolerate all types of neglect, including very low light, very poor soil, and inconsistent watering,” according to Mast. Ideal for bookshelves or plant hangers, the vines spill out rather quickly, supplying rookies the reassurance they desperately need. 


Fashionable Bamboo


$39.ninety nine

A image of development, luck, and prosperity, Braided Bamboo is beloved by a lot of simply because it brings feng shui to any place. It’s also really effortless to take care of: It grows greatest in very low indirect light, a little moist soil, and temperatures ranging from 65 – 95°F.

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