5 reasons you should use the Amazon FBM

What is fbm amazon? Do you know the benefits of using the Amazon FBM to sell the products online? Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by the merchant) is a fulfillment method where only sellers are responsible to deliver the products to customers. You can do the fulfillment of the order by yourself or get help from a third party, and it is completely your decision.

It is a simple fulfillment method where you can control orders and ensure product delivery. It is suggested to the seller to keep their products accurate and ship to customers on time to avoid the bad reviews customers give when their products are not delivered on time.

In this article, we are going to tell you 5 reasons why sellers should use Amazon FBM to sell their products online. If you are interested to know why Amazon FBM are used, then read the all points given below.

  1. Amazon is the only selling channel for you.

Suppose you are already selling or fulfilling the products outside Amazon, and you treat it just like another channel. In this case, Amazon FBM allows you to leverage the existing structures and partners to produce new orders without significantly increasing costs.

Here it is suggested to use your experience and some tools that help you to keep growing while selling the products online through Amazon FBM.

  1. Excellent customer services

If you want to provide high-quality services and build a good relationship with your customers, then Amazon FBM is best for you. You can talk to the customer support services team when something is wrong going or confuses you.

You can easily resolve your issues through excellent customer service. along with building good customer relationships, these features also help Amazon sellers maintain their relationships.

  1. Sell heavy and oversized products.

Amazon will indeed increase the fee if you sell products that are oversized or too heavy. Storage costs and shipping costs are increased. But if you use the Amazon FBM, it will allow you to ship heavy products efficiently, with the help of different carrier options.

  1. Your inventory is turning over slowly.

Amazon has long-term storage fees that are increasing rapidly. So, it is suggested to set up automatic inventory removal to avoid high costs.

If you only want to make a few monthly sales or not afford the quickly increasing storage cost, then you should use the Amazon FBM. Amazon FBM is good because they do not charge long-term high fees.

  1. New fulfillment trend

The last reason to use the Amazon FBM is if you already have the fulfillment location but want to leverage it according to current trends. You not only do this for a storefront but also at fulfillment locations or manufacturing if you are popular regionally.


After reading the complete article, it is concluded that FBM makes sense if choosing this fulfillment method offers you the mix of customer engagement and cost savings control, which is important to manage and increase product sales volume.