Benefits of Home Insulation: Why You Should Choose This For Your Home

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When you think of your dream house, what do you want to make sure that it has? We always want to have the nicest house there is but for the cheapest price that we can afford at the same time. If we can have it our way, it would be lovely if we could have it right now. Never mind the waiting and expecting for “payback” for our investments.

One payback you can have as soon as possible for your house is home insulation. It does cost more to build a well-insulated house, no one can deny that. It also means that it costs fewer bucks to run and your building expenses will be paid off by savings you get from the savings from your bills. That is just the start of the long list of benefits from home insulation.

How Does Home Insulation Work?

If you are unfamiliar with insulation, it can be a wonder how it works and what it does for your home. Insulation can be any material that will be placed to fill spaces. It can be in small gaps, crevices and far places behind walls and above ceilings. These places can be around your home. Insulation can reduce heat flow as it works through absorption or reflection.

Insulation has different types. It can be soundproofing, thermal, or electrical insulation. The one that is mostly used for homes is the thermal insulation. It is used to boost energy efficiency and comfort levels in the home. Thermal insulation can include any product that slows heat loss or gains barriers between areas with different temperatures.

Home insulation works through slowing down movement of heat from a hot space to a cooler place. It also helps improve energy efficiency by reducing the heat that escapes from your house during the winter. During summer days, it keeps the house from getting too warm by retaining colder air and making the interior comfortable.

A proper home insulation will help maintain comfortable levels in your home. It will keep a uniform temperature from every room in the house. This leads to energy efficiency that will lower all your heating and cooling bills.

Advantages of a Well Insulated Home

Home insulation can come off as a hassle. It can also come with an expensive price. But there are more benefits that you can enjoy with insulation.

Increased Comfort in Your Home

You will be comfortable by 40% more based on the heat exchange between your body and your surroundings. With properly installed home insulation, you would have a more comfortable exchange with the surroundings. This in turn makes it more comfortable inside your house. When it’s hot outside, insulation makes sure you can make the most out of your air conditioning.

More Savings on Your Bills

We know how much you pay to keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) running. When you have bad insulation, your air conditioning or heating escapes your home. Cold or warm air doesn’t end up coming inside your home! You end up cranking up the heating or air conditioning more than you are supposed to. No wonder why your bills are so high.

Insulation is friendly to the environment

  • Your use of electricity at home is 12% of your total carbon footprint.
  • How you use gas, oil, or coal is already 15% of your carbon footprint.
  • Heating and cooling in your home makes up 50 to 70 percent of the total energy in your home.

If all homes across the world would have proper insulation, we would see a big reduction in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. According to a study by Harvard School of Public Health, we will see ten years worth of decrease in carbon dioxide with proper insulation.

Increased Home Value

If you were to ask people which house they would prefer between an energy efficient house or a less energy efficient house, they would choose the latter. An Energy Pulse Survey revealed that 86 percent of people in the United States would choose better insulation. If you were to sell your house later, a buyer would be more attracted to buy your house if you have good insulation. You can add home insulation to possible deal makers for house buyers!