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How To Clean Living Room

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How To Clean Living Room

We all always want to have a clean and tidy home, but this requires time. That’s why we give you some cleaning tips to simplify the tasks if your maid is not an expert.

Imagine that a friend comes to visit; what is the first thing she sees? Possibly it will be the living room, where you have your furniture. Do you know how to clean living room correctly for her?

Take care of your furniture from the sun. Avoid direct light, which can damage the material and deteriorate the colors. If you don’t have a way to move them, protect them with furniture products that moisturize, nourish, and protect the material. Of course, if the furniture is made of leather or wood.

Always vacuum furniture with fabric to remove the dust that falls on it every day. A handy tool for cleaning this type of furniture is a steam vacuum. These vacuums clean up thoroughly, leaving your furniture clean and impeccable.

Pour a few drops of chlorine into the water of your natural flowers. This does not damage the flowers and keeps your flower arrangement more beautiful. Wildflowers always give a touch of life to your room.

Clean your glass table with a cloth moistened with a few drops of vinegar. Do not worry about the smell of vinegar. Once dry, the smell disappears, and your table will be clean and impeccable!

Use a dry cloth for your wooden tables to remove the dust and then fabric with protective cream or furniture polish to protect them and make them last longer.

Avoid eating or drinking on your furniture. If they are made of any fabric, it is tough to clean up liquid spills. If this happens to you, wipe them up several times with dry cloths to absorb quickly, and the liquids do not reach the bottom.

Clean Remote Controls. Several people touch it every day, and it is not an element that is usually in your cleaning routine. Before disinfecting, be sure to remove the batteries from the back. You can then wipe the surface with a cloth slightly moistened with alcohol. Let it dry and replace the batteries. The same goes for any controller, such as your child’s video game console.

Dust the cushions. If you don’t think you need to wash the sofa cushions, think again. Sofa cushions are used as much as pillows in your room, if not more. Keep your family and guests safe from bacteria buildup by cleaning the cushions regularly. If you’re lucky, you may have a removable pillowcase to throw in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. But some decorated cushions require hand washing. Every pillow is different, so always check the care label before cleaning.

Clean the lamps. Having a dust-free lamp does not mean that it is germ-free. While cleaning your living room, don’t stop at the base of the light. After polishing the surface to perfection, continue with the quick cleaning of the switch. With the lamp unplugged, clean it with a safe disinfectant and let it dry. This is a small object but can contain many germs. Just like a door handle or sink faucet, many people touch this piece every day.



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