February 2, 2023

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Must Board Send Notices to Non-Full-time Residents?

Apartment Q&A: The reply could count on what kind of conference is being held, if it’s a regular board conference or includes a special assessment or other challenge.

STUART, Fla. – Problem: A big share of the proprietors in our apartment making stay out of city for at least aspect of the year. The board posts notices of all conferences on the bulletin board in just one of the popular space rooms of the developing. Is the board needed to give these notices to the homeowners who will not stay in the constructing entire time considering that they is not going to see the posted notices in the making if they usually are not below? – J.N., Boca Raton

Answer: Very first, we want to separate your query into two components depending on the variety of conference that you are referring to: (a) conferences of the board or (b) conferences of the users.

Portion 718.112(2)(c), Florida Statutes addresses the needs for all meetings of the board, including observe necessities. For regular board conferences, the statute only requires that notice be posted conspicuously on the condominium residence at the very least 48 ongoing hours before the conference, apart from in an unexpected emergency.

There is no requirement that the recognize be delivered by mail or e-mail, or if not transmitted to all proprietors, regardless of whether or not those owners are capable to see the posted see by getting bodily present on the condominium assets.

Make sure you note, on the other hand, that there are further demands for selected sorts of board conferences, such as a meeting at which a special assessment or an modification to guidelines concerning unit use will be regarded as.

The statute presents that observe of this kind of board conferences, in addition to getting posted conspicuously on the condominium assets, should also be mailed, sent, or electronically transmitted to the unit homeowners at minimum 14 times prior to the meeting.

As to conferences of the customers, these as a budget meeting, a exclusive conference of the users, or the association’s once-a-year meeting – except if an election is to be held, which has its individual established of recognize needs – then the notice will have to be mailed, sent, or electronically transmitted to the unit entrepreneurs and posted conspicuously on the condominium assets at minimum 14 days just before the meeting.

Make sure you notice, on the other hand, in link with all of the over, you need to also seem at your association’s governing paperwork to see if they consist of any distinct provisions with regard to detect of conferences, as these types of provisions may perhaps have supplemental or different specifications than what is supplied in Chapter 718, Florida Statutes.

Issue: The board of my condo association, which has about 400 models, has been charging and accumulating a charge of close to $900 from all new owners when they obtain a unit and the price is classified as a “capital contribution.” Is these kinds of a funds contribution authorized beneath the Florida Condominium Act? – B.G., Fort Pierce

Response: Assuming that your neighborhood is without a doubt a condominium association as you have stated, ruled by Chapter 718, Florida Statutes, and not a homeowners’ association, which is governed by Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, then the selection of a capital contribution from new owners is not permitted.

Section 718.112(2)(i), Florida Statutes, states, in relevant section, “An association could not cost a payment in connection with the sale, mortgage loan, lease, sublease, or other transfer of a unit except if the affiliation is needed to approve these kinds of transfer and a rate for this kind of approval is offered for in the declaration, content articles, or bylaws. Any this kind of charge may be preset but may well not exceed $150 for every applicant.”

As provided in the statute above, a condominium association’s skill to gather a price from new house owners is restricted to individuals associations which are required by their governing documents to approve transfers, and the amount of money of these transfer charge is to be specified in this kind of documents.

Even then, these kinds of a transfer price may perhaps not exceed $150. Therefore, a condominium association may well not demand a capital contribution charge of $900 for new proprietors. Be sure to take note that Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, governing homeowners’ associations, does not have this very same restriction.

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