February 4, 2023

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The Indomitable Beauty Of Australian Timber Furniture

When it comes to the furniture world, timber furniture has long been in use. First off, timber is a natural material in the first place. Strength, durability and natural colour patterns are some of its other features. On the whole, timber furniture has a wide range of applications across the board. Speaking of other characteristics, timber furniture can easily fit into any atmosphere around. Similarly, Australian timber furniture has been the most sought after across Australia. First of all, Australia has been home to huge natural sources like seas, mountains and trees. Thanks to the easy availability of trees, timber has been available in great numbers. As a result of this, Australian timber furniture has been growing like anything. So there is an interesting story behind the mushrooming Australian timber furniture world. 

That said, let us look into other details regarding this subject along with other important information as explained below:

  • In the world today, you cannot imagine a single home without timber furniture. Such has been the grace of the timber world. Such has been the magic of the timber furniture world.
  • Timber is beautiful by nature. It has a natural look. It is strong and sturdy – enough to withstand /last longer.
  • Custom timber furniture is yet another great feature wherein timber furniture can be made and crafted to your requirements. 
  • Truly, the so-called customisation has just enhanced the scope of applications of timber furniture. 
  • Australian timber furniture is made from oak timber and blackwood to name a few. This has a wide range of products and applications.

More than style and substance, there have been more human sentiments and traditional values attached to the use of timber furniture like Australian timber furniture.

Australian Timber Furniture: Wide-Ranging Products & Benefits:

Well, here you can go through a range of Australian timber furniture and their benefits as described below:

  • Kiama range: Made from premium Tasmanian Oak timber, the Kiama Furniture Range is available in various designs, styles and colours. 
  • Waratah furniture range: Made of Blackwood and Tasmanian Oak timber, this range will add a stunning look to your space.
  • Airlie bedroom range: Made with high-quality Oak timber, this will add an extra dose of elegance to your space.
  • Allure bedroom range: This stylish bed is completely upholstered with bedheads and Oak floating base. The whole range will compliment your home space.
  • Aspley range: Made from solid Tasmanian Blackwood,  the wood’s natural look, colour and characteristics will add a contemporary look to your space. 
  • Barkley bedroom range: Made with Oak, this stunning range will give a new look to your bedroom.
  • Capri range: Made of solid Oak, this range will add an elegant and contemporary look to your space around.
  • Cobar bedroom range: Made from solid Blackwood, this range is simply superb. Besides, these uncluttered lines will add a dose of a modern look to your room. 
  • Madison bedroom range: Made with Blackwood, this range is simply stylish. Wood’s natural colour and character coupled with clean lines will create a modern look.
  • Sorrento bedroom range: Made from Oak, this range is stylish to the core. It has the ultimate design and workmanship at once.
  • Valencia bedroom range: Made with Tasmanian Oak timber,  this range is available in simple styles and designs. This bedroom can also be customised to your requirement. 

On the whole, Australian timber furniture has a variety of features and benefits as explained above.

Emerging Plywood Furniture In Sydney:

Most importantly, plywood furniture in Sydney is nothing but a building material made with layers of wood glued together. Highly strong and resistant, plywood can be made into walls, cabinets and furniture. In Australian metropolitans like Sydney, the use of plywood furniture has long been in an upward trend thanks to its wide range of applications and stunning features.